Mold Inspection

Our inspections include a full interior and exterior Inspection
of your entire property line using the latest technology.
Home Inspections Houston has the latest technology to
make sure our diagnostics are 100% accurate.

Assess Mold Damage

Don’’t let mold damage harm your health or ruin your
property. Our experts can guide you in taking the right
steps to repair mold damage quickly and effectively.

Mold Remediation

Our trusted mold remediation partners can ensure
your mold cleanup job gets done right the first time.

The Experts in Houston Mold Inspections

At Mold Inspections of Houston, we offer complete mold testing services for residential and commercial customers. We
understand the litany of health problems mold exposure can cause, and we are committed to providing affordable
mold inspections to care for your health and provide you with total peace of mind.
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    Our Services

    Mold Inspections of Houston offers a full line of services to addres all of your mold problems. For inspections and damage control, we’re the trusted name in mold testing!

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    Mold Inspection

    With certified mold inspectors and a 3-phase mold testing process, we’ll make sure you get acurate, unbiased results to your mold inspection. Trust us to get to the source of the problem.

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    Mold Damage

    If our mold inspectors discover mold damage, you need to act fast to fix the problem before it gets worse. We’ll help make sure your mold damage is a thing of the past.

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    Mold Remediation

    When it comes to mold remediation and mold cleanup, you cant afford to take any chances. Let our partners get rid of your mold once and for all.

Mold Assessment Consultants

Experience is key

Our principle is a licensed mold consultant that has a graduate degree in Environmental Toxicology and several years of mold testing with both commercial and residential properties.

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Government Resources


    Environmental Protection Agency


    Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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Breaking News From CDC on Mold Sickness

Just because you cant see or smell mold, doesn’t mean you aren’t exposed.  Watch this video and protect your family.