Mold isn’t something you would want lingering around your personal space; they’re damaging to your home and could negatively impact your health. This is why Houston Mold Inspections are happy to provide our mold inspection services to those who might be worried about the mold problem they have in their homes.

About Us

Houston Mold Inspection is a licensed mold assessment consultant firm in the State of Texas. We offer professional and honest mold testing in personal and commercial spaces. When you go to Houston Mold Inspection, you’ll know that you’re getting the best and most efficient services. This is a guarantee to each of our clients. We offer various mold inspection services such as inspection, damage repair, and remediation services among others. Here at Houston Mold Inspection, we care about you and the well-being of those around you – you should too, and get rid of the mold lingering around your space today.


We are Certified Mold Assessment Consultants with a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation license.


We have years of experience when it comes to mold testing, detection, damage repair, and remediation – you’ll know that you’re in good hands.


We are a fully insured and bonded business, so our clients have nothing to worry about when they decide to work with us at Houston Mold Inspection.

Services We Offer

Houston Mold Inspection offers various mold testing services and more.
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Mold Inspection

Our mold inspectors use a three-phase mold testing process to ensure that we get the most accurate results. We will fight to keep your mold inspection as secure and straightforward as possible.

Mold Damage

Once the testing has been done and we find mold in your home, remediation and repair aren’t optional. However, it’s best to act on it as quickly as possible to keep your family and employees out of harm’s way since mold can seriously threaten your health.

Mold Remediation

Once you realize that there is mold in your home, it’s best to handle it with mold remediation and clean-up. Rest assured that Houston Mold Inspection is the best in the industry, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that the mold in your spaces disappears completely.

Molds can be such a pain, but with the help of Houston Mold Inspection, we will ensure that your mold problems disappear in no time.

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