Commercial Mold Damage Assessments

Mold in the workplace isn’t just unsafe for your employees, it’s a liability. Let’s protect your asset by clearing the air. The first step of our commercial mold inspection services in Houston is to assess the damage and find out exactly where you’re vulnerable.

Certified Mold Inspection for Businesses

Our certified mold inspectors are highly trained and qualified to perform an official mold inspection of your commercial property. Whether we’re working with small retail locations, offices, or large buildings rest assured that we take every precaution to ensure that your building is free of asbestos, mold, and other harmful toxins.

Expert Commercial Mold Remediation Services

We’ve spent a lot of time building connections with highly specialized commercial mold remediation specialists. Anything we can’t handle, we can refer to equally qualified mold remediation specialists in Houston for a reasonable price.


“Being in commercial remodeling, I’ve dealt with several mold related issues. Mold Inspections of Houston is prompt, professional and provides detailed reporting to help remediate the property. I’d recommend them for any mold testing or mold inspections.”

Construction Concepts

“From the Galleria of Houston to Residence Hotels and Suites, MIH is the company I trust to handle all of my mold testing and inspections. They’ve been very thorough and professional, while conducting indoor air quality assessments and protocols.”


“My business is my biggest asset, my bread and butter. I can’t imagine dealing with anyone else to keep my business safe from the liability of Mold. I will always turn to Mold Inspections for mold testing whether it’s in my office or at the house.”