Mold Inspection Austin & San Antonio

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Mold Damage Inspection & Asbestos Inspection in Austin & San Antonio

Are you purchasing a home or needing or suspect recent water damage? Our certified mold & asbestos inspectors make mold inspections easy and painless. We evaluate any existing or current mold damage, test air quality as well as air ducts and walls to determine if any mold is present in your home. Our experts can guide you in taking the next steps to repair mold damage with a simple 3-Phase process.

Performing the Mold & Asbestos Inspection

If you need Mold inspections & Asbestos Inspections in Austin & San Antonio, we are readily available and can assess your property as soon as possible. Want to find out the symptoms of Mold Exposure? With a team of experienced, certified mold inspectors, we have the knowledge and resources to offer fast, accurate mold testing to homeowners and businesses across the greater Houston area.

Moving Forward with Mold Remediation Services

Should our inspections yield a positive mold result in your home, it is essential that you seek mold remediation and mold cleanup services right away. No areas should be overlooked as present mold spores can grow exponentially and damage your health. We will guide you to a professional mold remediation company in your corner. We have a network of trusted companies we work with that are top mold removal companies in both Austin, TX & San Antonio.

Mold Assessment Process

» Check For Damage

» Determine Severity of Damage

» Provide Mold Damage Report

» Suggest Remediation Requirements

Mold Inspection Process

» Visual Examination of Affected Areas

» Air Samples and Quality Tests

» Surface Samples and Tests

» Bulk Samples and Reporting

Mold Remediation Process

» Provide Damage Assessment

» Produce Protocol Report

» Refer to Certified Mold Remediator

» Discuss Plan of Action